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Some advice to rock your video interview.

  • Location

    Make sure you are in a quiet environment.

    Avoid taking interviews from your office (firewalls can block you).
    Choose adequate clothing and background, adapted to a job interview.

  • Look

    Try as much as possible to stare at the webcam, not the screen.

  • Steady ground

    Avoid having the computer on your knees.

    If you use your smartphone or tablet, fix it in a stable position.

  • Practice

    You can practice as much as you want. Take advantage of it.

    The recruiter doesn't have access to your practice sessions.

  • Be yourself

    There are no tricky questions. It is mainly a way to know you better, further than your resume.

    It is a great chance to show the recruiter your motivation and share your experiences.

  • Smile

    You are lucky, the recruiter has selected your application.

    Show your enthusiasm to join the company.