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About us

Our mission

Help you hire the best talents thanks to a remarkable recruitment experience.

Visiotalent is a product of CleverConnect group.

At Visiotalent, we believe the best coworkers are not the most experienced or graduated ones, but those with the adequate personality.

That is why, everyday, our team works to develop the best recruitment tools, based on video technology, in order to allow candidates to show who they are, further than their simple resume.

Our engagements.


We sincerely believe video is the best technology to reflect personality and improve professionals' productivity at the same time. Anyway, we do know it is not a perfect format. The goal that has moved us and still does is to make our soluitions an additional chance for candidates to get the job of their dreams. Thus, we encourage recruiters using Visiotalent tools to be as objective and benevolent as possible when assessing a candidate's video.


Technology is more and more present in our day-to-day. That's why our engineers and scientists work on some of the most advanced topics on the market (video recording and streaming, Big Data, matching, machine learning, ...).

However, we are part of those who believe technology must be serving humans, not replacing them.

That is why we are against the use of Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Analysis in the assessment of candidates' application videos. These technologies are still too imperfect and unstable, and will be for the next years.

On Visiotalent, videos are and will always be watched by actual recruiters, whose expertise is assessing candidates.


Of course, we sell digital solutions. But we still believe the notion of Service is essential. That is why each user, candidate or recruiter will find a listening ear at Visiotalent, willing to answer any question or give some advice.

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